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Locations in California

We have visited many interesting locations here in California, and have made a sortable list with pictures, links and some movies. The second column shows the approximate mileage from Sun City Lincoln Hills.

Photo Galleries

People: I regard people pictures as most interesting and am always searching for an opportunity to photograph somebody interesting.

Nature: One of my favorite photographic subjects long ago while living in Rochester, NY was terrestrial orchids - they could be found in the nearby swamps and bogs and also in certain areas of Ontario Province. In Northern California, there are many places to photograph nature.

Worldwide Travels: During our working years, we traveled to many interesting countries. I visited Japan about 150 times (mostly on business) and on some trips there was some free time to play tourist. Other business travel included Australia, Taiwan, Europe and China.

We never follow the tourist route but like to spend several days or even weeks in each city savoring the local culture. I include some of my Berlin Wall pictures from the 1980's (from the western side, of course).

USA: Our travel in the USA has not been as extensive as our international travel. More tours around the USA are planned in the future. The list of interesting photographic locations in California is a first step in this direction.

Movies -- All these movies are large files.

Route 395: In October 2015, the Lincoln Hills Phototography Club (visit the Club's website) made an outing starting in Yosemite, proceeding down route 395 to Lone Pine and included a stop at South Lake Tahoe. We made a movie of this trip.

Orchids: Camera club presentations about field lighting of complex flowers.

Yosemite: A trip to Yosemite, Olancha Sculpture Gardens and Death Valley in February 2016.

People: A movie emphasizing the diversity of people around the world.

Website for Dorothe Kress

I completed this website recently: Dorothe Kress